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Optimize Wealth Management’s senior partner and portfolio manager, Matthew McGrath, cited specific thoughts on the reasons why people struggle with their finances. He believes many people are too intimidated to ask questions about money and don’t have defined financial goals.


“I am thrilled to be part of the Optimize Wealth Management team,” said Warren MacKenzie. “I have always been passionate about delivering advice rooted in sound investment principles to help clients achieve their specific financial goals. I look forward to continuing this tradition at Optimize.”

Warren MacKenzie, who heads up the Financial Planning department at Optimize Wealth Management, gives his advice to an investor who is seeking guidance on her portfolio as she doesn’t feel in tune with the markets as of late …

Matthew McGrath, Optimize Wealth Management’s Senior Partner & Portfolio Manager, said “We are very excited to welcome Warren to our team at Optimize.  Not only does he bring expertise in financial planning but also a dedication to always do the right thing for his clients. He will make a tremendous role model for our employees and his advice will be invaluable to our current and future clients.”.

‘We are on the brink of a revolution in the way individuals manage their finances. A new firm Optimize Wealth Management has arrived which helps individuals better optimize their investments more efficiently and track their family finances…’

‘Now, a new financial advisory model has been developed further by Optimize Wealth Management. It provides its clients with no load advice with the goal of optimizing their investment and other financial assets based on their specific financial and retirement goals…’

Warren MacKenzie, Head of Financial Planning at Optimize Wealth Management, describes how a 92 year old widow is advised as to how best to invest the proceeds of the family home, to ensure her continued comfort in her retirement, and how she can still stay true to her wish of providing even her great-grandchildren the opportunity of achieving a higher education …

‘Can a commissioned stockbroker be replaced by a no-load financial advisor? ‘Yes,’ says Optimize Wealth Management, a leading wealth management firm which provides its clients with no-load advisory services focused on helping them achieve their specific financial goals…’

‘The ongoing fee-versus-commission debate just get yanked in a whole new direction by Optimize Wealth Management. Now that’s unbiased financial advice that keeps clients’ interest front and center and costs at bay…’

‘L’annonce de l’abolition, en 2012, des commissions versées aux conseillers qui vendent des produits de placement en Grande-Bretagne continue de susciter beaucoup de débat chez nous. Le projet de loi britannique prévoit…’